Good weather on Easter this year super-charged everyone in New York that had a pulse. After months of skeptical and often dreary weather, Spring was less than certain of establishing her presence in our lives. Then Easter Sunday hit us with a shot of perfect weather and suddenly we were all cured of our dour ills and melancholy troubles and laughing and running in the nearest park or drinking cappuccino on a sidewalk café chair. There is no substitute for a warm sunny day and the three Bs of happiness – birds, budding leaves and blooming flowers.

This year I am taking my Earth Day plans on the road, literally. Having left New York on Wednesday, I have enjoyed the spectacular weather of each day starting in a different city. Pittsburgh, PA on Thursday, Nashville, TN on Friday, New Orleans, LA this Earth Day, which also celebrates the completion of another special milestone for me personally – visiting my 50th State in the United States of America. How truly special and fitting that I should find myself on the Bayou on Earth Day to complete my tour of this wonderful country. Thank you President Thomas Jefferson!

As we use this day to reflect on this wonderful planet that has brought forth all of this amazing wonder and life that we have been given, a good idea might be to get out and see some of the world around you, as I am doing. You can never know the strength and power of your impact on this planet unless you see how other people react to you and learn how you react to other people and new experiences. Fortunately, nothing is more encouraging of this idea than the weather itself. But rain or shine, this planet is returning to its green and glorious ways in the northern hemisphere (no offense southern hemisphere, but I’m not on your side this time, maybe next year!) and today is the perfect day to think green and start developing your green mind.

Whatever you decide to do, wherever you choose to be, remember that your impact is the culmination of the energy, power and love that you direct towards the planet. The forces that you create and the resonance that transcends to others will increase or decrease with the level of self-actualization that you want to achieve in your pursuits. So today, I hope that as you step out into the world and enjoy what the Earth has to offer you, the future looks a little greener and the weather is good.

Happy Earth Day!

Jason Safford