Beautiful spring weather for Earth Day puts everyone in a good mood to talk and celebrate the environment. Unfortunately, this is a short lived annual ritual that has been trivialized into a 24 hour eco-fest rather than a daily recognition of our great fortune to have such a resilient and powerful planet. Regardless of our love of a glorious spring day, we continue to burn our most toxic resources out of the ground, even if it is to our species detriment long term –

More importantly, each year Earth Day becomes a narcissistic battle between scientists and “ologists” to dig up growing numbers of obscure facts to scare us to oblivion that Oblivion is coming sooner than we think – – This is only further marginalized by our fossil-fuel dependent industries that continue to push a consumer driven agenda that climate change and environmental crisis are not so bad or really our concern – – Which only sparks bigger fires for the media to flame between the “treehuggers” and “materialists” –

Sadly, what has been lost to this day of celebration of the Earth 45 years after its inception is that this is really about us recognizing our progress as a species on this planet. – Our innovation and resourcefulness has brought us to this magnificent point, we are able to enjoy to an unfathomable extent the wonders of our own imagination carried out on the planet we live on. We are able to live, work, play, love and hate all of our unique abilities and talents in a manner never before possible.

Our species, for all our foibles and challenges, for all our mistakes and misgivings, we are actually at a point in time where we can actually understand our position on our planet, our relationship with our Earth. What we do with our position, how we carry out our relationship, these are the actions we now have the responsibility of making. That is the celebration of Earth Day – not what has become of us – but what we will become in our great relationship with our planet. Earth Day should be a reminder of the how ingenuity got us here and where it will take us next. We could smile about that more frequently than once a year.