Do you need a business plan but don’t know how to write one?

Is sitting down and writing hard for you?

Are you using the plan in hopes of getting a loan or investors?

Would you rather just engage customers than worry about the details?

Did you know that most people who start a business without a business plan fail miserably? In fact, more than 90% of businesses fail within the first 2 years according to the Small Business Administration!

Many of those failures are because the business plan was not about the business, it was about the money!

Having a good business plan that outlines your business idea from concept to execution is the difference between struggling to find money and having money offered to you.

Did you know that the average business fails because it is under capitalized, which has nothing to do with the money you borrow, it has to do with what you are charging customers and your expenses!

Here’s the problem you face: As entrepreneurs and business owners, we are eager to make things happen. We are always in a rush to bring the pieces together to make money, but too often we are chasing money rather than creating a system for the money to come to us. We don’t sit down and design the strategy into a perfect business plan that we can then build a rock solid business.

That’s why business can be so stressful! If you don’t plan your work, you plan to fail!

Which means you’ll end up broke and out of business or even worse, bankrupt and homeless!

Which also means you’ll never get to see your face on the cover of Fast Company or Inc.!

Fortunately for you, anyone can turn their business idea into a rock solid business plan that can easily launch you into a success with simple execution. But it requires two things everyone hates to give, time and effort.

Taking the time to sit down and write a rock solid business plan will allow you to express the follow to anyone you speak with about your business

  • Communicate your core value quickly so your audience understands your vision clearly, which means they will see why you are the right person for them to do business with now
  • Share your story so you can explain why you believe your business provides a real solution in the marketplace, which means your customers will identify their pain relief with your solution
  • Identify who your ideal customers are and where you can easily find them so you can easily get their attention, which means you can spend less time and money chasing after weak leads and tire-kickers
  • Understand your real value and ability to scale within the larger market so you can create highly attractive offers, which means you’ll close more deals in less time
  • Set your price with confidence so you can let customers choose to work with you based on their confidence in you, which means you have more qualified and loyal customers because they believe you are focused on value not price
  • Attract investors and lenders easily so you can raise the ideal amount of capital for your business, which means you can grow your operation more effectively and have a business that operates without you!

As an Executive Coach and Development Executive for more than 20 years, I’ve written hundreds of business plans and executive summaries for hundreds of companies and my own business ventures.

Without a business plan you are facing challenges that will cost you lost customers, and countless unforeseen headaches and stress, or even worse, going broke or bankrupt.

According to Dummies, A Wiley Brand, the top reason why a business plan is important is because it provides an opportunity to test out a new idea to see if it holds real promise of success.

There is no guarantee of business success. Even with a great plan you can run into trouble and unforeseen circumstances. But without a plan, your chances of failure are much greater.

If you are interested in creating a rockstar quality business plan for your business or a strategic plan for your operation, you can schedule a free consultation with us here.