Jason Safford

“When we execute incredible plans of achievement harvested from a garden

of healthy thoughts and ideas in our minds, that is when we transcend our own

excellence for a sustainable future.”

Jason Safford

“We all strive to be the tallest tree in the forest.

We must learn to grow constantly if we want to get there.”


At Jason Safford, LLC (JSL) we are committed to reaching the highest level of achievement for our clients, helping them surpass their expectations and goals to create the most valuable impact on the world around them for the future of the people and the planet.

Our Vision: We believe in positive human-planet relationships that allow leaders to achieve the most valuable impact on the world by developing their green mind

Our Misision: We want to build leadership with green minds. We believe that green minds are a garden of positive thoughts and ideas to be harvested for the most sustainable future

What We Do? We work with leaders to achieve self-actualization and self-transcendence and transform their goals into valuable and sustainable impacts for the world.

As CEO, Jason has led Safflyn over 16 years in the acquisition and development of more than $200 million dollars in real estate, installations of more than 20MWs of Wind and Solar energy, and prevention of more than 10 million tons of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere. Additionally, Jason was instrumental in the development and management of the City of New York’s Green Jobs program with the Human Resources Administration (HRA), with efforts to retrain displaced workers in the community. Over 250 students were trained under this curriculum with more than two-thirds landing full-time employment during the 2009-2010 economic recession. 

In 2007 Jason became the co-owner and developer of a 330-acre development now known as The Green Kingdom, a subsidiary of Safflyn Green Industries, located in Herkimer, NY. It currently operates as an entertainment destination that includes a miniature replica of the historic Gelston Castle in Scotland; The Masterpiece Performance Center; and The Big Lawn – an enormous concert/festival venue which attracts more than 100 thousand visitors annually. The Master Plan includes the development of a larger micro-grid development; including The Green Kingdom Technology Park, Residential Village and Recreational Campus.

Jason is a recognized thought leader and national speaker on the subjects of Executive Leadership, Innovation, Environmental Development and Design, Real Estate, Technology, Finance, IT and Entrepreneurship. He has taught at New York University, Hofstra University, and York College. Currently, he is holding seminars and lectures for local residents and college students on how natural environments function; how human beings can manage behavior and ecosystems through developing their Green Mind to live sustainably. 

Achieving exceptionalism has been the focus of Jason A. Safford throughout his career. From installing solar panels while teetering on rooftops, climbing towering wind turbines and building microgrid communities to writing essays and poems about nature and romance, Jason is always working to create the best impact. Improving process efficiencies, exploring innovative technologies and developing valuable solutions that positively affect everything around him, Jason’s boundless energy and enthusiasm have led countless projects, teams and companies through startup and growth to established success.

Beginning his career in the world of IT at Interactive Imaginations, New York University and MTV Networks, Jason was on the cutting edge of the convergence of digital communications, interactive media and online security. He tested the world of entrepreneurship in 2000 with his first venture, Spiral Connection – an online platform for leveraging creative talent to the commercial industry. Despite the failure of this business, he caught the entrepreneurial bug quickly and after closing the doors on that first business, following the terrorist attacks on 9/11, Jason co-founded Safflyn Corporation, Inc. (Safflyn) to develop carbon neutral solutions for the Real Estate industry. The original business plan was to improve residential properties in Brooklyn by adding solar panels on Brownstones. Ten years later,  Safflyn Green Industries was formed and has become a recognized leader in Green development.

Jason serves on several boards of Directors including Chairman of the Center for Green Leadership, Chair of the Hicksville Chamber of Commerce Green Business Council, and is a member of the Southeast Queens Chamber of Commerce. He has been involved with the startup of more than 200 businesses over the course of his career and currently advises and mentors CEOs for more than a dozen companies.

Jason holds a BFA in Film & TV production from NYU Tisch School of the Arts and a BA in Africana Studies and History from NYU College of Arts and Sciences. He completed his postgraduate studies in Executive Leadership at Cornell University and has several professional certifications in IT Security, Management and Programming. In addition to his many professional accomplishments, Jason is a skilled musician having studied and played Tuba at Oberlin Conservatory in Elyria, Ohio. In 2013 Jason began to do academic and policy work in environmental economics and philosophy; and later published his first book, Think Green: The Future is Awesome, a collection of thought provoking essays about the environment and going green. His second book, Sun, Sand and Salt: The Collected Writings of a Green Mind, is scheduled to be published in the Spring of 2018.

Jason is currently focused on Developing Your Green Mind, a platform dedicated to helping individuals self-actualize their goals and objectives in work and life. “We cannot use motivation to improve ourselves – this is not sustainable. Developing Your Green Mind will enable you to self-actualize your best self and reach your true power within – surpassing the goals and objectives you want to achieve and impacting the whole world far beyond, with a more sustainable result.”