“Our minds grow and change based on our management of the resources that create a healthy garden. Inspiration, determination and perseverance are the constants that will nurture success. Without them, there is no hope to be Green.” ~ Jason Safford

Our Vision

We believe in positive human-planet relationships that allows leaders to achieve the most valuable impact for the world by developing their green mind.

Having an experienced coach who helps you achieve your goals can be the difference between getting where you want to go or struggling to keep up. When you have Jason in your corner, you have a seasoned veteran who knows what you are going through and will help you dig in to reach that exceptional level.

If you are looking for more in your work, your team, your company and the overall impact you are making on the world around you, having Jason as your coach can be the difference in accelerating your growth effectively. Not only are you getting his 20+ years of experience as a C-Level executive, mentor and coach for hundreds of business leaders, small business owners and entrepreneurs, but you are getting someone who is deeply dedicated to the success of the people he works with in business and life.

As your coach, Jason is focused on removing distractions that prevent you from being focused on your true mission. His goal is to develop your mindset to concentrate on what is truly important and will grow your most valuable ideas for prosperity in business and life. By developing your Green Mind, Jason helps you be more consistent in identifying and weeding out distractions so that you can grow real success and increase your impact on others.

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